How To Remove Pen Ink From Clothing

how to remove pen ink from clothing

If you’re like me I know you have asked this question before, How to remove pen ink  from clothing? Well in this article I will be sharing some helpful tips. But before we go any further. I should tell you that the effectiveness of this tip depends on how quickly you act after the cloth was marked.

How To Remove Pen Ink From Clothing

What you will need; a bowl with some water, hand sanitizer and a brush. For instance a toothbrush.

  • First you will cover the affected area on the clothing with the sanitizer.
  • Next dip the tip of the brush into the bowl of water. And start brushing the area.
  • Continue to brush for a few minutes. While doing this you notice that the stain is gradually disappearing.
  • Next you will need to add some more of the sanitizer on the spot. And continue brushing for a minute more.
  • Finally rinse the clothes or affected with fresh water. After rinsing you there shouldn’t be any sign of the stain. But if there is you add some more of hand sanitizer to the remaining spot and repeat the process.

I hope the above tips were helpful to you and that you may continue to enjoy fresh and ink free clothing.