Best Scooters Under 100

stunt scooters under 100 dollars

Finding a good scooter can be a bit difficult as there are a lot of options on the market.But with the below information you will be able to quickly and confidently choose from the top 10 best scooters under 100.

Each of  these scooters are highly rated. And are made by some of the best pro scooter brands.

Best Scooters Under 100

1. Razor A5 Lux Scooter 

best scooters under 100

First on the list is the Razor A5 Lux this is one of the Razor scooter brand latest release. Razor has been producing scooters from the year 2000.

And since then there scooters have been revolutionized and improved. They have won numerous awards. And have gotten rave reviews during their prestigious history.They were awarded winner of the outdoor toy of the year.

Anyway back to the scooter at hand this foldable scooter is a must have for any scooter lover. Has it is well built and support up to 220 pounds


Heavy duty scooter, has it is built with aircraft grade aluminum material. Making it one of the most durable on the market and at under $100 it is a definite bargain

Also comes with the unique razor brand rear fender brake

This scooter is also designed for you to easily fold it. Making it very easy to store and also a lot more convenient during your day to day routine. And with a weight of only 9 pounds It is light enough for you to carry by hand for short distance if needs be.

Some other cool features are its retractable kickstand, so you can easily park your scooter without it getting any unnecessary scrapes.

Plus the height of the handlebar is adjustable, making it good for riders of almost any height.

Good scooters for tall kids and adults​

In addition this scooter comes assembled, all you will have to do is take it out the box and unfold it and adjust the handlebar to the height that best suits you and your ready to hit the road.


The length of the kickstand leaves a lot to desire, as it is too short to easily kick, as it is barely sticking out

Another minor complaint worth noting is that the splash guard doesn’t provide much protection when riding it after rain has fallen. So you may notice some of the water of the wheel splashing up on your leg.

Well built with larger than usually wheels, as this scooter actually comes with 220mm wheels. While most scooters come with 110 mm. This allows you to seamlessly ride along the road. And if you’re like me it can get annoying when the scooter wheels get stuck or if you happen to go through on one go the shock can feel rather uncomfortable. But with this scooter and it bigger wheels that will be a problem of the past. As not only does the bigger wheel mean a smoother rider but it also helps a bit with better shock distribution.

2. Hudora RX-205 LUX Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter - 205mm Wheel, 14-Inch x 4.5-Inch Deck, ,Adjustable Bar,Reinforced Deck

stunt scooters 100

Whether your buying a scooter for commuting at school or around town or for a child, the hudora rx – 205 lux is worth having a look at. This heavy duty scooter doesn’t only look good but it is a good scooter for bumpy or rough roads. Furthermore it incorporates high quality green material during production, hence why it has been certified by the CE and GS government safety standards.

First thing worth noting about this scooter is its highly rated 3 second easy fold design. Furthermore it is also designed with a kickstand and even comes with a shoulder strap. Allowing you to fold your scooter and basically through it over your shoulder and carry it with you.


And with a weight of only 8.8 pounds it is relatively light, so you won’t get tired easily while carrying it around if the need should arise

The Hudora Vk- 205 also is designed with high rebounding 205 mm wheels, which have proven to be anti abrasive and shock absorbing and overall delivers a better and more stable ride, especially when used by adults.

Furthermore it has a 4.5 inch deck that is also non slip; this will help to improve your stability

But a stand out feature that caught my eyes was its specially lubricate steering. It’s actually designed with over 60 mini marbles and special lubricant oil. To ensure that you have a smooth and safe steering

Also the handlebars height is easily adjustable, so it can even be used comfortable by multiply riders of different height

Uses high quality fender brakes


Although not a deal breaker some riders with larger feet of shoe sizes off 9 and up have complained about the size of the deck at only 4.5 inches being a bit small.

The deck is a bit higher than the Razor A5 causing it to take a bit more flexing of the knees, as you will have to bend your leg deeper during your ride, this can prove to be tiring after awhile

3. Micro Sprite Kick Scooter

Micro Sprite Kick Scooter

The micro sprite kick scooter is one of the lightest scooters on the market as it weighs only 5.5 pounds. And with a unique Swiss design this scooter is also very durable. Before we go any further I feel I should highlight that this is one of few pro scooters on the market that every part can be replaced. That means that you can have this scooter for generations to come. And at this reasonable a price it surely is a bargain.


Although this scooters weighs only 5.5 pounds it well constructed and is able to withstand a rider as heavy as 220 pounds.

Furthermore with its adjustable handlebar can be extended to as far as 34 inches,it can be used by children as young as 8 to adults under the weight limit.

It has become a favorite among commuters has it can be easily folded an it being super light you can easily walk with it, and it takes up little storage space

Also its built in kickstand allows you to park your scooter upright. In addition its design allows you to kick the stand forward and also backward easily

And it comes fully assembled all you will need to do is unfold the scooter and you’re ready to go

Has also gotten rave reviews for having the smoothest glide on the market. And it also has comfortable handles.


Comes with smaller wheels than the other models above hence it tends to sometimes wobble, especially when you’re riding through cracks in the road

4. Razor California Longboard Scooter

Razor California Longboard Scooter

Do you like longboards? Well you will like the Razor California longboard scooter has it uses a similar design to the traditional longboards. Firstly its deck is actually a laminate plywood. Also the deck is 32 inches long making it a good scooter for adults. Looking for a scooter to use for some good family fun or for kids looking a unusually and sturdy scooter. And for this cheap a price you won’t regret the purchase.


This scooter is built by one of the best pro scooter brands, the Razor scooter brand. They continue to produce to quality scooters time and time again and each as a unique twist to it.

This scooter is designed with a durable laminate plywood deck, which is sure to stand out when compared to other models. Definite a cool looking scooter

It is also able to withstand a rider as heavy as 220 pounds, and with a wider than average deck it comes as no surprise why it is a favorite amongst parents

Also has an adjustable height handlebar, allowing each ride to get the utmost comfort while riding. Furthermore you will like the large 128mm wheels, which are shock absorbent and very durable


Not foldable but it is still small enough to fit into most cars easily

Deck tends to rattle when riding on bumpy pavements

5. Ancheer Adult/Teen Kick Scooter City Urban Commuter Street Push Scooter- Easy-Folding, Dual Suspension, Aluminum Alloy Frame, Adjustable T Handlebar, 2 Rubber Wheels, Supports 220lbs Weight

pro scooters under 100 dollars

Next on the list we have a scooter that has been rated by many as one of the best adult kick scooters. The Ancheer adult/teen kick scooter is specifically designed for the city commuters looking a more convenient way to travel. A major benefit of owning a foldable scooter as a commuter is the fact that you can fold it and carry it on the bus, tube or train with you can unlike bicycles that base on the state has different restrictions.


Designed with an adjustable telescopic handle bar, that goes up to 3 different height levels, with the highest level being 35 inches. This makes it easy for riders of different heights to get a comfortable ride.

And with a max recommended weight of 220 pounds this lightweight scooter weighing only 13 pounds can definitely handle pressure. As it is designed using high density durable aluminum alloy to make the frame

Furthermore it comes with an unique rear fender brakes, this large aluminum brake pedal, is sharp and brings the scooter to a smooth stop.

Also the foot brakes are painted with anti rust paint, to ensure that the braking system lasts as long as possible.

In addition to ensure that you get a comfortable ride it is also designed with front and rear shock absorbers. This in turn reduces vibration while riding on those rough pavements

Requires no assemble on arrival as all you will have to do is unfold it and set up the handle bar


After thoroughly researching this scooter the only reoccurring problem I notice, is the scooter is easy to unfold but very hard to lock

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6. Urban 7XL Deluxe kick scooter Adjustable to Kid and Adult Size

best stunt scooter under 100

With the ability to extend the handlebar to heights of up to 42 inches the Urban 7XL deluxe kick scooter would be a good scooter for both adults and most children.It is designed to be used by both beginners to intermediate.Has gotten good user feedback for providing a comfortable ride for long distances.


First of it is designed with full dual suspension,so no matter the bumps in the sidewalk or potholes in the road this very affordable scooter will still give you a comfortable and smooth ride.

Also being a scooter for mainly adults it doesn’t come with eye catching graphics and all that,instead it has somewhat sleek all black more mature look.

Furthermore when you have reached your destination you can simple fold the scooter and use the carry strap that it comes to carry it. Also it comes with a kickstand so if you don’t fell like folding it you can simple park it.

In addition this scooter comes with a reflective tab on the end of the back fender, which helps to make you visible if you should go night riding

Good size deck, has it is made for teens and adults, it has even got a positive feedback concerning the deck from riders wit up to size 11 feet


Some customers have complained about the quality of the kickstand, as seems to get damage easily

7. Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter - 220lb Weight Limit - Folds Down - Adjustable Handle Bars - Smooth & Fast Ride

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

With the Fuzion brand producing some of top rated scooters in the past. It should as no surprise to most riders tend to compare it to the highly rated Razor A5 Lux.First off as the name states the Fuzion cityglide scooter is designed mainly for adult users. But with an easy to adjust handle it can be used by practically any member of the family and with a weight limit of 220 pounds it will be able to accommodate even heavier riders.


As I stated before it was compared to the Razor A5 lux, the only positive standout differences was the folding system seems to lock the scooter more secure and its handlebars are also a bit wider.

In addition its 13 inches deck provides ample foot space for a variety of foot sizes to get a comfortable ride. In addition it is very easy to maneuver.

Also the handlebars are adjustable and can stretch to as far as 36 inches are low as 29 inches.

And it is designed with the high speed 210mm size wheels, to get you even quicker to your destination


The back friction brake isn’t sharp, so I advise you to not ride very fast

Another common flaw I noticed about this scooter is its durability. As most customers complained about either the front wheel bearings giving way or it requiring consistent tighten of bolts after each ride.

8. Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter w/ Hand brake - 220lb Weight Limit - Folds Down - Adjustable Handle Bars - Smooth & Fast Ride

Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter

Using the original the design of the original Fuzion cityglide, they added a some new features and tweaked a few things and came up with the Fuzion cityglide B200.This top rated adult kick scooter for under 100 dollars is definitely value for money. One of the main standout feature of this model is its handbrakes. So now riders have the option of using either the rear foot brake or the hand brake.


With an adjustable handle this scooter can be used by a variety of riders with different height. Furthermore it comes with a safety button that helps to keep the handlebar firmly at the selected height. So you don’t have to worry about the bar coming apart, or you having to constantly adjust it.

With a slightly longer deck this scooter is perfect for riders with large foot size and another benefit of a longer deck is it provides additional stability while riding

Also the handbrake is placed on the handlebar for easy access

And its foldable design makes it easy to store or carry


The braking system isn’t very good as it takes a while for the scooter to come to a stop, especially in wet conditions. Numerous customers have complained about the brakes not being sharp enough.

Some customers also complained about it not folding neatly and the folding hinge getting stuck sometimes

Also tends to rattle when being used on bumpy terrains

9. Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter

If you’re on a tight budget and need a pro scooter that can handle both the streets and the skate park the Royal guard freestyle stunt scooter maybe the one for you. Weighing only 7.5 pound this scooter is lightweight making it easy for you to stunt on. Furthermore Royal scooters are built with advanced welding techniques for good durability.


First off at under a $100 this would be a good scooter for beginners to buy for practice at the skate park, until they have learned some the main tricks then they will need an upgrade

Also the Royal guard II is very durable and well built and base on reviews it rides smoothly also

Furthermore the smaller 100mm wheels make it easier to do tricks on this scooter

And with the handlebar measuring 29 inches from the deck, it would a buy for children between 6 and 12 years old. In addition its recommended weight limit is 200 pounds.


Seems to make a squeaky sound when riding

Not customizable as only the wheels can be replaced

Another flaw worth mentioning is the quality of the wheel bearings seems to be inferior. As most customers complain about it getting damaged after few months.

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10. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

The Fuzion Pro X-3 scooter is one of the best entry level scooter on the market.The Pro X-3 is mainly designed for riders as young as 7 years old.So if you're thinking about buying a scooter as a gift for a child. And you are on a tight budget you can have a look at this scooter.


Good cheap pro scooter and it is also durable

A good scooter to practice with until you’re comfortable riding and feel the need to upgrade. As it provides good stability and is also lightweight so you can even start practicing a few tricks.

Very easy to assemble, as it comes with majority of it already assembled. All you will have to do is put on the handlebar and other minor attachments. Plus it even comes with the necessary tools. Overall this should only take a minute and you will be ready to hit the road

Hand grips are soft and comfortable


Back brake tends to make noise when it is being used