Best Long Handled Loppers Reviews

best long handled loppers reviews

Maintaining a beautiful landscape can be easy with the proper tools. This is even more necessary when choosing the best pruning tools. Has no one wants a heavy and inconsistent tool that stops working after awhile. With this in mind we have spent hours gaining expertise on the best loppers 2018.And we have gathered the top 5 best long handled loppers reviews for landscaping.

Best Long Handled Loppers Reviews

1. Tabor Tools GG12 Professional Compound Action Anvil Lopper, Chops Thick Branches With Ease, 2-Inch Cutting Capacity, Features Sturdy Extra Leverage 30-Inch Handles

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The ideal lopper should make cutting as easy as possible. And that’s defiantly what the Tabor tools GG12 professional lopper does. This handled lopper is even able to chop through branches as thick as 2 inches easily. This lopper is designed with all of the benefits of a heavy duty lopper. It is built for professional grade applications and compound action power. Furthermore it has rubberized grips on the handles that not only provide you with a good grip but it is also very comfortable. In addition because it is 30 inches long it allows you to work with more strength and better reach, when cutting higher limbs.


Very sharp carbon steel blade, designed with low friction, on stick coating

Cuts most branches easily

Very comfortable grip

Uniquely designed to cut 3 times as powerful as most handled loppers


Cost just over 50

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2. Fiskars 32-Inch Powergear Bypass Lopper

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This 32 inch Powergear bypass lopper is very affordable and offers numerous benefits. Its patent pending design allows you to cut thick branches using minimal force.AS it delivers most of pressure at the thickest point of the branch normally the middle. Furthermore the top cutting blade can be easily replaced if necessary. And with your purchase you will be qualified for a lifetime warranty.


At 32 inches it gives you a longer reach

Budget friendly price

Very durable and replaceable blade


Can prove to be a bit tiring to use and is slightly heavier compared to other models.

3. Fiskars Extendable Handle Lopper with Single Pivot (9166)

best long handled lopper reviews

Fiskars is one of the best lopper brands on the market.Has for numerous years now they have produce very durable and affordable tools.And this handle lopper is no different.With a twist lock telescoping handle,this lopper is able to extend between 24.5 inches to 37 inches.Allowing you greater reach and cutting power if needed.Furthermore it has a cutting capacity of 1.5 inches,this is good enough for your average landscaping task around the yard.Plus it is one of the most affordable handle lopper on the market costing under 20.


Comes with a lifetime warranty

Extendable handles ranging between 24.5 to 37 inches, that lock at your desired range

Very sharp blades up on arrival

Lightweight and easy on the shoulders compared to other models


Customers sometimes accidentally unlock the extension feature. This can be avoided, by not twisting the handles while in use.

4. MLTOOLS Easy Cut Ratcheting Extendable bypass Lopper up to 39-1/2 inch Long - Ratchet Lopper L8230

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If you're looking for a top rated pruning tool at an affordable price.The MLTOOLs ratcheting extendable bypass lopper will simply amaze you.Firstly it is able to extend up to 39.5 inches. Giving you good reach, plus it is designed with high carbon steel blade. That will slice through branches easy and seamlessly. Furthermore it is made with aluminum handles with non slip grip. Making this a very lightweight looper,so you won't experience any shoulder fatigue quickly. But what makes this a good deal for the money is its superior ratchet feature.


Its retractable feature makes it easy to cut both branches close in reach and branches further away

Made by aluminum making it durable and lightweight

Can be easily sharpen if needed


Works best with 1 inch thick branches

5. Fiskars 32 Inch PowerGear2 Lopper

best long handled loppers reviews

This is the newer model of Fiskars 32 inch powergear2 lopper, what makes this different from the older model. Is the fact that this product is more ergonomically designed, making it more comfortable to grip and giving you great control also. Furthermore its steel blade is rust resistant, low friction. Allowing you to cut through branches as thick as 2 inches easily.


Sturdy and comfortable grip

Very sharp and replaceable blades

Well made and very durable


Weighs 4 pounds and sometimes you may feel a sense of muscle tiredness after continuous use